Trudy Messingham: Front-end Web Developer
London, England

Hello there!

My name is Trudy, and I am an international super hero, erm... international web developer, and occasional day-dreamer.

I've been coding websites for over 10 years, starting humbly by assisting my brother with his programming company: constructing user interfaces (UI) via HTML and CSS for Joomla! based websites, and building my knowledge by diving right in and experimenting. Through this technique I have discovered what really works across the field of general front-end development, from multi-page websites to responsive HTML emails.

As with any industry where new systems and techniques come to the fore week after week, the learning curve to develop an attractive and functional site can be steep and long. Yet, during this time, I have had the pleasure of creating professional and functional web-based solutions for all types of businesses and individuals. And, with the firm foundation I have built, moving forward becomes an exciting journey of which, I find, is made all the more pleasing by fulfilling the wishes of each and every client.

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